It's The Sweetest Without Yoooouuuuu!!
~DWTS Season 10 Week 4 Results Show QuickCap Commentary~

So all the remaining STARS went head to head in the Double! Score! Showdown! And Blades of Glory himself, Evan Lysacek, with his dance pro partner, Anna, stayed on top of the leader board so who went home on Week 4???????

I know I usually do a run down of what happened on the show part by part, but this week I'm trying something a little different. Basically, everybody tunes in to find out who got the HOOK and everything else is just filler. True, DWTS does a good job of having some entertaining filler like: Sade singing, Len Goodman commentary, Young Ballroom Dancers (Ok, they rocked!), and Fun, filled Movie Clips to set up DWTS Week 5 theme, however the REAL reason we tune into the Results Show is to see who was eliminated.

Anyway, going into Week 4 Results Show I predicted it would come down to either Jake "The Bachelor", Soap Star Aiden, Actress/ Comedienne Niecy, and Reality celebrity Kate. All four have had some of the lower scores since the season began and it was time to start cuttin' em loose.

So how did it play out? Well, the couples you might figure would move on did and it came down to the following three: Aiden/ Edyta, Niecy/ Louise, and Kate and Tony.

All three were low scorers and probably lack the fan base to keep them going too much longer but I had actually narrowed it down to Jake and Aiden just because I think both of these guys are about equal in ability at this point in the competition. Niecy would probably make it through because she has fans from both her "Reno 911" show and the Reality Show "Clean House." Kate might make it through solely on the fact that the TV viewing audience is a sucker for train wreck performances ( The Cloris Leechman Syndrome) and I'm wondering if people are actually punishing Kate by keeping her on the show performing. (Dance, little monkey! Dance! Bwaaahahahaha!)

Honestly, when Jake was spared being in the bottom three for Week 4 I was SO hoping Kate was finally going to be sent home but alas it was not to be. Aiden, who is a better dancer than Kate, was given the HOOK and pulled from the dance floor for good. (Seriously TV audience? You're gonna keep Kate around for more??) Actually, her drama and horrible dancing make for better TV I will admit but only because it makes Mommy Kate look silly and the sad part is she's not aware of it. Sigh. Oh, well, its what she signed up for so deal, people.

So Kate survives another week, Chad 85 is in love with Cheryl and she didn't get the memo but is wearing his ring (Showmance or No Showmance, that is the question), and Nicole had a mini-meltdown cause as she informed us after Week 4 's disappointing Rumba, "I'm an artist, I'm not like other people." Hmmm, yeah, I kinda get what you were saying Pussycat Doll, but sounding conceited won't help build your fan base, baby.

Week 5 DWTS goes to the MOVIES so grab the popcorn and drink and get your seat as DWTS goes Lights! Cameras! DANCIN'!!!!

If You Wanna Dance the Rumba Put a RING on it!!
~DWTS Season 10 Week 4 Performance Night Quickcap~

So with the blasting off of Buzz "Lightyear" Aldrin last week we moved even closer to the weeks where we separate the wheat from the chaff, the cream from the milk, and the dancers from those with left feet.

This week's dances posed a Lenny challenge that all the celebrity dancers would need to perform a required three dance steps or moves from whichever dance they performed be it Tango or Rumba.

The show told us the three tango moves and the three rumba steps and then showed us the moves by having a pair of the pros dance the either the tango or rumba. But they dance so stinkin' fast and no one narrated to point out the moves I didn't think it helped one bit. Classic case of great idea but poor execution.

And its Double Score Showdown week were each celebrity will receive a score for technical and one for performance. Woo hoo!

So anyway let's move on the night's performances:

Performance Spotlight:

Evan and Anna continued to be golden on Week 4 as they danced a very fast and dynamic Tango. Judges liked it all around so Evan continued to dominate the score board.

Nicole and Derek also did well dancing their Rumba. Derek was a hoot in rehearsal and kept cracking Nicole up but then nerves nailed her during the performance when she became unfocused and unsteady at times on her feet. (Big Tom didn't help matters by psyching her out by saying will she be able to dance with Derek without giggling. Nice, Tom. Real nice.) Still, I thought their Rumba was sensual and graceful and oh, my the dress she wore rivaled anything Edyta has worn on DWTS. Judges were not as thrilled as last week but fair in their criticisms.

The last true spotlight performance was Pamela and Damian's Rumba. Yes, Pamela wore a sexy costume but she actually toned down the raunch and went for a more subtle sensual routine which I thought she pulled off nicely. The Judges thought she did a really good job too and Len thought she was overdressed (Yikers!).

Performance Lowlights:

Sigh. Kate and Poor Tony danced the Tango which was a blessing for Kate cause could you imagine her dancing the Rumba?? (On second thought, DON'T imagine it. ~shuddering~) So we suffer through more of Kate's sad, sad, existence (Cue the violins) and how much its affecting her dancing and . . . . Kate remember what Len said? Emphasis on "SHUT UP!" Sheeze. So they danced the Tango and Tony drove the shopping cart that was Kate (Shout out to WhattheBuck!) around the dance floor and thanks to Tony, Kate did marginally better in Week 4. She still looked pretty "Stepford Dancer" as it lacked passion and energy one would normally see with the Tango. And that ending had a lift. Judges encouraged Kate with some positive comments though they were still fairly critical of her abilities and Carrie Ann caught the lift and Len gave credit to Tony for having to work with such a disaster like Kate. (Ok, NOT in those exact words but I can read between the lines, folks)

Niecy and Louie also danced the Rumba and Louis visited Niecy on the set of her show, "Clean House" and Louie didn't want to stay and help clean. (Slacker! Heh!) Long days for Niecy but she didn't complain and I can respect that. Unfortunately, her Rumba was ok but NOT all that great. Niecy lacked the consistent hip action that is an essential part of the dance so . . . Judges thought so too so probably won't score all that well and ? It didn't.

Jake and Chelsie then danced the Tango and Jake said in rehearsal Jake kept saying, "Damn it!" a lot (Yeah, this show is SO family friendly these days) and was determined NOT to be in the bottom two. I STILL can't stand the whole "The Bachelor" show but I'm actually starting to like Jake. I thought his Tango was his best dance yet and it was too bad he has the slip and stumble towards the end of the routine. Len really liked how Jake attacked the Tango but Bruno thought it was messy. Sigh. Whatever Bruno.

Aiden and Edyta danced a rather lameish Rumba with Aiden lacking flow and any real sexual energy and he was dancing with EDYTA! Sad for a supposed sexy soap star. The Judges seemed to think so too and let him have it. Doesn't look too good for the man down under.

Performance Side Lights:

ESPN Erin and Maks danced the Tango and I'm sorry but I thought Erin's red dress was NOT attractive at all. She was WAY too intense but not passionate and she had a stumble so THAT won't help her. Judges liked that she focused more on technique but her performance suffered due to losing her character. (Can't please all the people all the time, eh Erin?)

Ochocinco and Cheryl danced a fairly good Rumba though fortunately no one had to clean up after their sensuous dance of LURV. And what was up with the ring Cheryl got from Ochocinco?? My wife Lori noticed that Cheryl was acting weird so maybe there IS something going on between those two. Seriously? A Showmance?? Sigh. Well, if Cheryl isn't interested in Chad then he's looking mighty desparate chasing after her.

Well, that was it for the performances and here's the run down of the Week 4 Scoreboard:

Evan and Anna 52 (Won the Double Score Showdown!)
Nicole and Derek 50
Pamela and Damian 47
Chad and Cheryl 44
Erin and Maks 39
Jake & Chelsie 38
Niecy and Louis 36
Aiden and Edyta 33
Kate and Tony 32

Hmm. Who went home for Week 4?? Check out the DWTS Results Show and find out.